About Kent Born: December 10, 1983 to Patricia and Gary Koller World Record Testicles Kent flirts with the idea to be a blonde, and also struggles with his tire addiction. Micheal Jackson came to Kent's school talent show. Elvis is in the background. What do Micheal Jackson and Fredy Kruger have in common? They both scare children. A baby a day keeps the doctor away. Puberty, Testosterone, and Motorcycles. Then he broke his arm and decided guitar was a better choice. Full Leathers Spring Break, Cancun. No photoshop required. Highschool talent show with his first band 'Broken Abyss' Arriving for the date during senior prom. His second band, 'Space Cake'. Notice the young drummer. From left to right - Peter Litvin, Jesse Wozniak, some bum, and Chris Cundiff Self portrait, pencil. Xhedos Cafe, Sean Fitzgerald Thursday open mikes. Guess who took over the open mike years later. Kent's ego takes over and he declares himself, 'The most humble person that has ever lived.' 'Kent Koller' the band is born. Kent shrunk, and wore a headband for a while. An acoustic version of the band. L to R - John Spurrier, Jesse Wozniak, caveman. 'Living in a yard like this, it becomes easy to write.' Recording the self-title full band album. Feather dressed in Mackinac. Burning up. Died: Never. 2004 Biography 2007 Biography Discography