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Location: Maryland
Friday, 20 May 2005 05:05pm EDT
Hey Kent, I checked out your profile on MySpace after you messaged me... I definitely like your music. I had to check out the website and download some of your tunes. I hope you're doing well and if you make it out to the east coast, play in DC! Your stuff sounds great! Best of luck
Mary Zamonfemale
Location: VA
Wednesday, 18 May 2005 08:44am EDT
Kent--It was so great to talk to you last weekend! I am glad to see your work- and I will need to find some one who can play the music- my computer does not--I want to hear the song Mary--Please let me know when your CD is available!Good wishes and keep on singin'
Aunt Mary
Saturday, 04 Dec 2004 08:15pm EST
Kent, you are the mac daddy of the musical menfolk. You can wank the waa-waa pedal and hammer-on the neck of your Stratocaster like none other. It is always an extreme pleasure having the honor to hear you perform. Make more music...quick!
Monday, 08 Nov 2004 08:04pm EST
Yo U must cop this kids cd, knamean, hissong more than that is the mood starter, no doubt buy his cd, spend that last five dollars in your pocket, it's worth it, yo Kent keep the music going son, get at me, we can calab on something, you got the tunes, I got the words to paint the art, you where I be, every thursday so lets connect on something kid, word up, peace to you.......X