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Kathy Pacefemale
Sunday, 24 Oct 2004 09:22pm EDT
Kent, you are a true inspiration. The site looks great too!
Location: Ann Arbor
Saturday, 18 Sep 2004 06:20pm EDT
I have always been and still am moved by all the smooth melodies that Kent creates. Each song is dynamically different in equally great ways. Your hard work has and always will pay off.
keep it up

Noel Stalkermale
Saturday, 11 Sep 2004 12:31pm EDT
Kent,Cool site. I totally dig your 3 song EP and I can't wait to hear the new one. I definitely want to come to the October 30th gig. Just wanted to say that you are an excellent singer/songwriter. Your songs are creative and memorable. On top of that you are a really cool person. I wish you the best God has to offer for your career.
Peace out
Location: Hamtramck
Friday, 03 Sep 2004 01:24pm EDT
One of the truely great voices I've heard in awhile. I hope your career in singing takes off. I suggest you record ALL of your songs wheather you think they're good or not. Trust me I've done it and it pays off, you've heard some of my works. Good Fortunes to you.