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Sunday, 16 Nov 2008 12:48pm EST
imageIt was nice meeting you in person - Awesome website!

I listened to your CD and was quite surprised by your singing voice, which reminds me of K.D. Lang for some reason.

K.D. Lang and the Indigo girls both have voices that seem to be not too far from your vocal register - and they also have some interesing takes on gender expression in some of their pictures and videos...

k.d.lang - I Will Survive

Indigo Girls - Galileo

Here's my idea - maybe you can get a partner who sings in your vocal range and a drum set and write / sing bouncy songs with a message like this one:

Indigo Girls - Hammer And A Nail

All the best to you. Will swing by A.J.s for the open mike Thursday.
Jenny Cummingsfemale
Friday, 14 Nov 2008 08:39am EST
Hey Kent! Just stopped by to check out the website and say hi. Hope you are doing well :) We should try to get a guitar lesson in sometime soon if you've got some free time. Talk to you soon!
Location: Jupiter
Sunday, 14 Sep 2008 05:45am EDT
Hi Bobby,

I think the answer to this problem may lie with your obsession of silly putty. I understand it's fun. Even I have considered showering with my silly putty, but I properly restrained myself from bringing it in.

Most likely a few pieces have fallen in your drain and clogged it to high hell. You might want to consider pulling it out and selling it to Iran or North Korea. Tell them it's nuclear explosive.

Thanks for writing.

Your very own Dr. Plumber,
Bobby P.male
Thursday, 11 Sep 2008 09:12pm EDT
Kent, the drain in my bathtub is running' real slow lately. I can't figger out what it could be. I do shave my legs in there every month or two, but, damn, I ain't no caveman or wolfman or Fraggle. What do you think the trouble could be?

Your very best friend,